Xanax and its uses. Order Xanax online.


Alprazolam, a medicine sold under the brand name Xanax.
It is related to the benzodiazepine drug group.
It is one of the frequent medicine and most commonly
Used for treatment of anxiety and panic disorder.
It is also take in use for chemotherapy treatment
related to nausea and vomiting.
Its efficiency and working ability is high and fast
as panic disorder treatment effects can be seen within
a week.
It is one of those medicines which is intake by
the mouth which is an easy intake process for the
patient as compare to other relaxant or benzodiazepine
it U.S administration it put under schedule Ⅳ.

The common side effect of Xanax


  • sleepiness
  •  being in the tension state
  • it leads to depression
  • it is also causing a change in saliva composition and hence
    mouth becomes dry.
  • headache
  •  feeling tired
  •  memory problem.
  •  Alprazolam was patented in 197 1 and assented
    for medical purposes in 1981 in the United States.
  •  it is a common drug of abuse and a schedule
    Ⅳ controlled medicine by the U.S Authority.
  • in 20 18 it is under the list of the top 20 most prescribed
    medicine in the united states.


Uses of Xanax


  •  it is very effective in treating moderate-severe anxiety and panic attacks.
    In panic disorder, it is seen that 8 months need
    treatment but Alprazolam’s working ability
    only 4 to 10 weeks. That’s why it is not
    a reliable source of treatment.
    it’s effects no longer effective in front
    of depression as it has short – term effects.
  • In many studies it finds that long-term with
    high dosage users face reversible depression.
  • It is not clear but maybe in under critical and urgent circumstances, it is used in combination with the medicine for tolerating in the chemotherapy of nausea and vomiting. 


Xanax 1mg prescribe for:-

1mg of Alprazolam is a very mild dose it appeared as
blue, oval, scored tablets with Xanax 0.25.

  • it prescribed to cure mild disorder like
    Anxiety, dizziness, and much other impairment
    of the central nervous system.
  • its side effects are mostly negligible.


Xanax 2 mg prescribed for?

It appears a white oblong scored with
three-line with “Xanax” imprinted on
one side and 2 on the reverse side
it is also called the Xanax bar .

  • it completely work alike to the Xanax 1mg but
    as dose quantity increased, therefore, doctor prescribe
    it in replacement of 1mg.
  • its side effects are very mild and short term.
    Point to be Notice
  • if benzodiazepines including Alprazolam and others
    prescribed to children, elderly people, pregnant
    lady, already drug-addicted people, and also people
    who is alcohol dependent.

In all the above condition doctor must be careful
and take precautions and required special care.

  • Patient who have pre-existing disorders must avoid it or
    if one should not avoid then it must
    require complete monitor and care by the
    medical professionals.
  • elderly people must avoid it as it increases the
    possibility of side effects like drowsiness, lack of coordination
    . if it is taken higher than the normal dose causes a lack of alertness.

Side effects

As compared to another benzodiazepine it having
a broad list of side effects depending on various

Possible side effects

  • Concentration problem, loss control on making new memories
  • slurred speech
  • Disinhibition
  • frequent Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness, Dizziness , lightheadedness , fatigue,
    lack of steadiness,
  • Hallucination and “jaundice but rare
  • Skin rash, respiratory depression, constipation
  • creation of suiside ideas .
  • urinary retention
  • muscle weakness.

Reaction of drug

  • Aggression
  •  hyperactivity
  • restlessness
  • contraction of a muscle.
  • it causes birth defects during breastfeeding in pregnancy time.
  • it having adverse effects by the interaction various food.



  • 10mg is the maximum recommended dose by the
  • overdose cause mild, moderate and chronic
    side effects depending on the amount or
    quantity and also taken with other drugs.
  • As it affects the human central nervous system it
    creates a wide range of disorder related brain and
    its sensory-motor activity.

for example:

  • Coma leads to death by the combination of other drugs.
  • fainting
  • Hypertension
  • shallow breathing
  • impaired motors function which causes dizziness muscle weakness.
  • drowsiness.


Meditation and yoga

It is a practice through which an individual
train their brain for different purposes including
concentration, mind Attention, to be Active, emotionally calm, and stable.

As by Adding meditation in our life, it can
Cure many diseases related to the brain or brain
centric disorder.By doing 5 minutes in starting days.
After many weeks increase the time duration
up to 10 to 20 min.

Meditation can dissolve and resolve many
brain centric disorder and common people
generally unable to under power
of meditation.

Yoga is also a type of physical which include
different exercise and body posture for different
body treatment. So, it is very useful for
side effects to cure.

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